GWA – Granulated Wood Ash

wood ash is an environmentally friendly multinutrient fertilizer with durable effect!

Ensure your land's productivity
for years to come by using wood ash:
Cut down your fertilizer expenses

Fertilizer in Detail

capacity: 85%
Р3.5 K3.5 Mg6.5 S1.5
Granule size:
гранулы 2-4 mm
at least 3 %

Fertilizer Composition

Potassium 3,5 ± 0,73 %
Magnesium 6,5 ± 3,29 %
Silicon 16,43 ± 5,00 %
Phosphorus 3,5 ± 1,10 %
Calcium 34,68 ± 10,63 %
Sulfur 1,5 ± 1,02 %
Micronutrients 3,0 ± 0,5 %
Micronutrients: 3,5 ± 1,10 % Spurs root system growth at early stages of development. Phosphorus plays such a significant role in a plant's life that the deficiency of this micronutrient results in scanty blossoming aggravated by dingy and unattractive color.
Potassium: 3,5 ± 0,73 % Regulates cell sap concentration, preserves water, activates enzymes. Potassium promotes general well-being of plants and improves their resistance to low temperatures.
Calcium: 34,68 ± 10,63 % Accelerates consumption of reserve carbohydrates during seed germination. Plants use calcium as a building material. It is also used for liming of soils.
Magnesium: 6,5 ± 3,29 % Essential for formation of chlorophyll in leaves, which is indispensable for photosynthesis. Magnesium is important for blooming and seed ripening.
Sulfur: 1,5 ± 1,02 % Enhances synthesis of amino acids, proteins and vitamins, facilitates respiration.
Silicon: 16,43 ± 5,00 % Imparts mechanical resistance to plants, reinforces cell walls, and ensures rigidity of various plant organs. Silicon's importance is particularly manifested in stress conditions.
Micronutrients: 3,0 ± 0,5 %
Iron : 8436 mg/kg Boron : 227 mg/kg
Zinc : 1576 mg/kg Copper : 76,56 mg/kg
Manganese : 4915 mg/kg Molybdenum : 1,32 mg/kg
Cobalt : 5,58 mg/kg Aluminum : 13661 mg/kg

Types of Fertilizer Packaging

Big Bags 75х75х160 containing 1000 kg
of Granulated Wood Ash
Big Bags 90х90х180 containing 1000 kg
of Wood Ash
25 kg polypropylene bags on Euro-pallets

It is well known that wood ash is one of the most ancient all-purpose fertilizers. Not only does it nourish and alkalize the soil, but it also improves plant health and creates favorable environment for the vital activity of soil microorganisms, especially nitrogen fixing bacteria. It hardly contains chlorine, and therefore has more beneficial influence on agricultural crops yield and quality than traditionally used industrial mineral fertilizers. Tekhnoservice was able to launch manufacture of granulated ash by means of processing burned bark waste. As a result, the company obtained an environmentally friendly multinutrient fertilizer with durable effect.

One of the appealing peculiarities of the product is that the granules are of stable size varying from 2 to 4 mm. This makes the fertilizer comfortable to pack and ship, as well as easy to carry by any means of transport in either containers or bags. The fertilizer is easily applied to soils using all kinds of agricultural machines or manually in household plots. Granules have optimal size allowing to prolong the fertilizer's effect for up to 2-3 years.

The granules are adequately strong to withstand damage caused by transportation, which excludes fertilizer dusting almost completely during application to the soil.

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General Advantages

Calcium content Highly competitive
with calcium ameliorants
Originally eco-friendly Chlorine
Cost-effective Long-term
investment in soil
Chemical composition Contains most of the micro- and macronutrients
Continuance Durable effect
User-friendly Granulated

Delivery Options

Railroad cars
Automobile transport
Shipping containers

Packaging and Transport
Each package is labeled in compliance with the State Standard (GOST), and each lot comes with a product certificate or product technical specification. Granulated Wood Ash is packed in polypropylene bags with a polyethylene leaflet inside. The fertilizer may be shipped by covered railroad cars and by automobile transport. Guaranteed shelf life – 36 months from the date of manufacture. Certified product.

Terms of Delivery
The Supplier arranges delivery at the destination point specified in the Supply Contract.

Negotiable. Depends on the season and product quantity
in a lot as specified in the Contract.
tons monthly output

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